Blockchain Technology Landscape

A Mind+Machine View of BlockchainTechnology

Evalueserve has conducted a detailed study of the blockchain technology landscape in Healthcare, Supply Chain, Banking and Finance Management. The main goal of this study is to provide carefully researched actionable insights about blockchain technology. The study examines 15 years of patent documents published around the world, scientific articles, existing products and the latest news in this domain.

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How Evalueserve's Blockchain Analysis Stands Out


There are many blogs and articles about Blockchain or cryptocurrencies floating around in the market. These usually focus either on the market potential of Blockchain or who is doing what. Evaluserve’s report is unique in nature as it covers various aspects such as:

  • Complete analysis on patent literature, non-patent literature and products
  • All findings are hosted and analyzed in the same platform— Insightloupe: Insightloupe provides interactive and flexible report building, dynamic filtering ,and expertly curated insights about Blockchain.
  • Multiple database approach increases the recall of the results
  • Manual analysis conducted for all the data types in order to maintain very high precision. 
  • Problem-solution approach illuminates the burning issues in Blockchain technology and the solutions that have been proposed by different innovators.  
  • Native language speakers (German, Chinese, Japanese and English) conduct the analysis in order to provide accurate and high-quality analysis.
  • Subject matter experts analyze and verify the findings. Technology Experts, Business Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, IP Managers, among others work together to carve out a report that is high quality and up-to date.

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