Evalueserve’s AOL strategy combines best-in-class technology with extensive expertise in data retrieval and analysis. What’s more, because we have a multi-lingual team, we can help you tap into the global conversation.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

  • What is the language that our customers really use?
  • What complaints and praise arise following product launches?
  • Who are the key influencers in our field?
  • Why do people favor particular brands?
  • What is the story about our product on social media?
  • What are people saying that could help us identify problems?

Discover Our Case Study

For some companies, the reasons for monitoring traditional and social media can go beyond investigations of their brand and company reputation. For example, pharmaceutical companies must also understand how best to communicate with patients and identify valid adverse event reports occurring outside of the biomedical literature. Evalueserve worked with one pharmaceutical company to adapt our AOL strategy to their needs.

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