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Case Study

Internal IP teams have the expertise and tools to handle a whole range of patent-related tasks. However, it can be challenging to meet the additional demand during special projects, such as the integration of new acquisitions. High-volume tasks like docketing can become overwhelming, meaning work on patent analytics and designing new services can suffer.

In this case study, Gerhard Busch, Head of Global IP Services at BASF, gives his insight into the important role that Evalueserve plays as a reliable partner for patent-related tasks.

Case study highlights include

  • Why BASF chose to give their docketing workload to Evalueserve
  • What the BASF IP group focuses on with the time they save
  • How the high-quality collaboration impacts their readiness for Industry 4.0

Evalueserve helps us to be quick and flexible and most importantly, to provide the best service to our internal clients. Evalueserve is an excellent partner for us, sharing our values and taking the time to discuss new ideas with us.

– Gerhard Busch, Head of Global IP Services, BASF

Our Services

Evalueserve IPR&D helps to guide IP teams through the patent and technology landscape with research, analytics and data management services powered by mind+machine. Our focus is becoming a trusted partner to IP and R&D teams, supporting them in their quest for insights to support IP decisions.

IPR&D Search

We are one of the largest service providers for standard IP and R&D searches, with a strong focus on quality, transparency, cost efficiency and ease of collaboration.

IPR&D Intelligence

Through our Insightloupe platform, we deliver high-quality mind+machine IP and R&D intelligence, incl. landscapes, scouting and benchmarking for use cases where clients require reliable insights.

Patent Preparation & Prosecution

Our high-volume, industrialized patent preparation and prosecution services deliver on quality, portfolio control, digital innovation and cost efficiency.

IP Administration 

Our flexible, scalable and high quality IP docketing and management services ensure the flexibility and agility needed for the current dynamic environment.

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