• 6 million U$ generated in new sales
  • 15 bids across key geographies
  • 1 million hours of global research and data analytics

How do we improve sales pipeline for growing logistics businesses?

Through our unique “mind+machine” analysis of sales enablement processes.

Sales people spend most of their time looking for information to help them prepare for sales meetings (and often end up not getting any useful information).

Sales-cycle is often too long and not well directed leading to low chances of prospect conversion.

50% of sales leaders believe that methodology for effective prospecting is poor; while around 20% see lost pipeline as their biggest challenge.

The under-preparedness is echoed in the buyers’ opinion; most existing approaches do not match buyers needs and purchasing journey.

Evalueserve offers a unique combination of logistics domain knowledge, proven best practices for sales engagements and a mind+machine approach for scalability.

We typically work with operations, strategy, marketing, R&D, procurement and innovation teams to provide the best in class solutions with a 360º view.

One of our core services is Sales Enablement and Business Development solutions. Servicing a range of corporate and professional services firms in a variety of industries across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA, our Sales Enablement offering is all about giving companies the tools they need to take their businesses further.