Evalueserve’s MICI platform, Insightsfirst, enables enterprises to grow their revenue, see a holistic view of competition, and track industry trends.

Discover how to message, price, and position your product. Track reviews, product updates, hiring plans, and go-to-market strategy of your competitors. Build a product roadmap based on where the market is headed.

Use Insightsfirst to:
  •  Increase direct revenue
  •  Improve win rates in competitive deals
  •  Accelerate global growth
  •  Proactively respond to threats
  •  Build an impactful product roadmap

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Evalueserve’s competitive intelligence platform allows you to capture, analyze, and act on your competitors’ every move.

  • Capture
    Evalueserve tracks 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to provide a complete view of your competitors’ movements.

  • Analyze
    Intelligence layer combines human and artificial intelligence to filter out the noise and surface key signals in an organized, curated view.

  • Act
    Enable sales, marketing, product, and executive teams with real-time, actionable insights to win more deals and drive business impact.