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The UK’s exit from the European Union has received scant coverage in the US media, encouraging perceptions that American investors have nothing to worry about, or that any danger has already passed.

In reality, Brexit is an on-going story that is developing fast. The UK’s relationship with the EU hangs in the balance, and its economy could be hard hit if negotiations fail.

Whatever the outcome, it could have far-reaching implications for investors and wealth managers across the Atlantic. Foreign exchange, exports, real estate and multinational firms with operations in Europe or the UK could all be affected.

In this exclusive industry insights, we examine the economic and commercial impacts of Brexit, including:

  • The Brexit situation as it stands today, and what comes next
  • How Brexit has hit the value of the pound, and the knock-on effects
  • Why top financial firms are fleeing the City of London
  • The firms who are reshaping their operations for a post-Brexit world
  • The key factors you should consider if your portfolio includes UK firms

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