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MiFID II is set to revolutionize the way investors pay for their research. But its full implications have yet to become fully clear.

What will research look like in the new world? How will banks charge for their research, and will they lose out to independent research boutiques? What power will “star” analysts wield, and where will they choose to ply their trade? Finally, and crucially, how much can clients expect to pay for research, and what will they be willing to pay for?

This Industry Insight article takes a look at some emerging trends in the investment research industry as firms grapple with the implementation of MiFID II, including:

  • The impact of online research marketplaces and advanced content management systems
  • The changing role of “star” analysts, and their scope to break away and found independent research providers
  • What could happen to sell-side and buy-side research setups
  • How research and other services might be priced and paid for

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