Cut through the vast amount of new patents and technical literature to get all the critical information that is relevant to your company. Our experts ensure that the focus is always on insights that your IP and R&D stakeholders need for key decisions. Simply choose the frequency of reports and sources of interest and rely on our superior alerting solutions, which are configurable to your workflow.

Patent Alerts

Receive regular updates about all new patents relevant to your company, with expert input such as technology tagging. We also provide the patents themselves in a fully searchable repository indexed with a customizable taxonomy.

Technology Alerts

Get regular updates about all the relevant new patents and technical literature, with expert input such as technology tagging. The patents and literature are also provided in a fully searchable repository indexed with a customizable taxonomy.

Patent Landscapes

Get an expertly created visualization of technology trends and ownerships based on all the patents for a given area of technology. The patents are also provided in a fully searchable repository indexed with a customizable taxonomy.

Technology Landscapes

Based on all the patents and technical articles for a given area of technology, we provide visualizations that reveal technology trends and ownerships. All of the documents are delivered in a fully searchable repository indexed with a customizable taxonomy.


Patent and technology landscapes are the basis for understanding overall trends as well as risks and opportunities in a given area of technology. Thanks to the clear visualizations of our landscaping solutions, technology trends and ownerships stand clearly revealed, facilitating informed decisions.


Get deeper insights into your competitors’ patent, R&D and innovation strategies with expert assessments of their portfolios. We analyze their patent filing, prosecution and portfolio management as well as their technology and R&D strategies to reveal trends and predict developments of interest to you. In all cases, we deliver all the relevant documents in a searchable repository indexed with a taxonomy customized to your language.

Patent Strategy Module

Gain the most useful information for your strategic portfolio planning and cost benchmarking with detailed insights into your competitors’ patent strategies.

Technology Module

Elucidate your competitors’ R&D pipeline and their product and technology focus with an expert assessment of their patents, including visualizations.

Patent and Technology Competitive Intelligence

Combining our Patent Strategy Module and Technology Module, the full solution provides critical information for both strategic patent portfolio and R&D planning.

Innovation Competitive Intelligence

Insightful overviews of your competitors’ R&D and technology portfolios reveal their R&D strategy, recent innovations and developments, and upcoming launches.

Portfolio Analysis

Gain all the insights you need to inform portfolio management and risk mitigation strategies as well as building a solid foundation for scenario analysis. Our experts deliver reports based on comprehensive analyses of your own and competitors’ portfolios along with searchable repositories containing all the relevant patents.

Portfolio Overlap Analysis

Receive a detailed comparison of your own patent portfolio and your competitors’. The results help to identify patent acquisition opportunities, infringement risks and out-licensing opportunities.

Patent to Product or Technology

Get comprehensive analyses of your own or another company’s portfolio. The results reveal the potential of the portfolio in terms of further development and help inform management strategies.

Innovation Scouting

Our experts will help you identify key technology trends, unmet needs relevant to your technology, and interesting innovations that could solve challenges. Reports are based on deep and detailed analyses of patent, technology and product landscapes and come with a fully searchable repository of all relevant documents. Keep your finger on the pulse of technological development with our innovation scouting solutions.

Innovation Scouting

Find the technologies that address specific innovation challenges or provide solutions in a specific domain along with information on potential corporate and academic partners.

Trend Scouting

See the key technology trends and upcoming needs in a given field so you can identify new opportunities and maintain your competitive edge in rapidly changing markets.

White Space Analysis

Receive assessments of unmet needs in your own industry and lateral industries. See where there are openings for new or repurposed technology.


Our offer covers every aspect of technology and patent licensing, from the time-consuming regular tasks to the specialist deep analyses. Our highly trained team to identify licensing opportunities, reveal a market’s potential, ensure you have reliable, assessment-ready claim charts, and more!

Technology Licensing

Need to find potential licensors for your technology? Our experts help to identify them in lateral industries, outside your competitive set, based on thorough analyses of needs and problem statements that your products could address.


Get support to monetize your portfolio. We perform in-depth portfolio reviews that reveal licensing opportunities and ensure a strong case for successful negotiations, including high-quality claim charts for each identified opportunity.

Directed Prosecution

Ensure the quality and future value of your portfolio are maintained for all eventualities. Our experts will suggest new continuance claims to file or amendments to current claims to strengthen your rights on strategically important products.


Acquisition requires you to make quick, efficient and informed decisions. At every stage, our process keeps information flowing to you to support decisions on identified candidates in strategically important technology areas.


Gain insight into your portfolio’s strengths and identify infringement risks. Our experts deliver detailed portfolio comparisons and create informative advocacy presentations that help to navigate the patent minefield during licensing negotiations.