Framework For Increasing Innovation

Explore the mind+machine Framework for Successful Implementation of Key Performance Indicators

Metrics and indicators are critical for business success. However, the effective use of key performance indicators (KPIs) in intellectual property fields has been difficult to put in place, especially for businesses trying to grow and innovate. Explore how leading companies are setting up their teams for success. 

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Achieve Positive Business Outcomes Through Clear KPI's


Any legal or IP team knows the common challenge of demonstrating the “value of IP” to business stakeholders, many of whom are relatively unfamiliar with the field. However, the use of KPIs can enable IP and legal teams to bridge the gap between business stakeholders. This white paper explores how KPIs differ from common indicators, how to considering constructing KPIs, and how different technical fields may benefit from varied KPI emphases.


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  • Characteristics of Effective KPIs
  • Selected Characteristics of KPIs in an IP Setting
  • Links Between Goals and KPIs
  • Technology Sectors Driving KPI Selection and Value


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