Scope 3 Decarbonization Platform
Achieve net-zero supply chain.

Combine analytics and insights to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions.

Scope 3 Decarbonization Platform

Uncover Road to net zero

With increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to report reduced GHG emissions, companies need to act with the UN and US’s ESG goals on increasing clean energy, responsible consumption, and reduction in CO2 emissions. These goals are also resonating with consumers, influencing their desire for more sustainable and eco-friendly products, leading to disruptions in the market. 

With 80% of GHG coming from your partners and supply chain, your business needs to show clear progress in sustainability to keep up with policies and consumer preferences. 

Decarbonization platform helps your business improve your Scope 3 emission score by providing insights into their partners and supply chain to understand how to influence, reduce, and offset carbon emissions enabling you to win more business, create a sustainable differentiator in your market, and counteract the harshest impacts of climate change. 


Industry Accredited

Top tier emission reporting standards from: GRI, SASB, TCFD, and GHG standards to enable companies in carbon emission calculations.



Accuracy & Speed

Automated and enhanced data collection process, reduced reporting time, and near real-time calculations.



Self-Serve & Flexible

AI enables your suppliers with self-serve model and flexibility to receive additional consulting.



Benchmark & Collaborate

Capture information and engage across partners with the ability to benchmark and scale-up emission reduction efforts quickly.



Estimate Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

Decarbonization platform combines analytics and insights to bring together your partner datasets and calculate your Scope 3 emissions score to pinpoint where your company can reduce its carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions for your emission reduction targets.


Benchmark Using Industry Emissions

Alleviate manual monitoring with automated benchmarking against suppliers, customers, categories and regions providing the insights needed to direct your partners to improve their emissions.

Improve, Optimize & Run Simulations

  • Run simulations based on recommended suggestions to understand effort to impact ratio.
  • Evaluate abatement costs and identify avoidable emissions.
  • Access green projects and carbon credits to offset carbon emissions

Transform your Decarbonization Journey

  • Stay ahead of industry changes with top-of-the-line research.
  • Access repository of syndicated ESG research for improved decision making, industry insights, regulation breakdowns, and best practices.
  • Receive additional consulting from domain experts.

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